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San Francisco Earthquake 1906 Death Toll

SAN FRANCISCO -- In 1906, a great earthquake rumbled through this city, toppling buildings and spawning fires that devoured entire neighborhoods. A year later, city leaders declared something remarkable: Despite the widespread destruction, only 478 people had perished.

The population of San Francisco at the time was about 400,000. Homeless - 225,000 . 225,000 from ... Facebook Twitter Google Email 1906 Earthquake Introduction How Big was the Earthquake? 1906 Seismogram Casualties and Damage When will it Happen Again? What was Learned Scientifically from 1906 1906 Earthquake Photos Eyewitness Accounts Other Major Earthquakes in the SF Bay Area Learn More ...

In 1907, one year after an earthquake and three-day fire devastated San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors set an official death toll for the disaster -- 478 people. But in the 1960s, when San Francisco librarian Gladys Hansen set about trying to match names to the number, she found that the death toll kept growing and growing. Over the next four decades, she would record more than 3, 400 fatalities.

Uncertain Death Toll In 1906 San Francisco was the ninth largest U.S. city with a population of 400,000, and over 225,000 were left homeless by the disaster. The death toll is uncertain. City officials estimated the casualties at 700 but more modern calculations say about 3,000 lost their lives. The lowballing city figures may have been a public relations ploy to downplay the disaster with an eye on rebuilding the city. On April 20, the U.S.S.

On April 18, 1906, an earthquake and subsequent fires devastated San Francisco, California, leaving more than 3,000 people dead and destroying more than 28,000 buildings. The quake ruptured the San Andreas fault to the north and south of the city, for a total of 296 miles, and could be felt from ...

In 2005 the National Film Registry added San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, April 18, 1906, a newsreel documentary made soon after the earthquake, to its list of American films worthy of preservation.

and Fire in San Francisco on April 18, 1906 This is an image roster of names compiled from newspapers of those persons who died as a direct result of injuries received either at the time of the earthquake and fire, or during the latter half of April 1906. ...

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