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Two years ago Apple did not support NFC at all (0), previously Apple supported NFC via Apple Pay (1) and now Apple is adding support for FeliCa (many). It’s not as a big of a leap for Apple to start adding additional uses for NFC within the iPhone; things like NFC tag reading and writing.

UPDATE Sept 12th, 2017: Read the new post Finally Read NFC Tags with an iPhone App on iOS 11. It’s spring again and the Apple NFC rumor mill is heating up. In the fall of 2014 Apple added NFC hardware to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to support the Apple Pay mobile payment system. But that was the only thing the iPhone could do with NFC.

NFC World’s NFC phones list is ... does not have NFC. Apple’s iPhone, ... moving to NFC and phones started to appear on the Japanese market in 2012 that support ...

The NFC functionality will let users make Apple Pay mobile payments in stores. The inclusion of NFC in the new iPhones means that the technology is now supported by all the world’s major phone makers. Woohoo! The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, is 6.8mm thin and costs from US$199 on a two year contract in the US. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen, is 7.1mm thin and costs from $299 on the same deal.

Best Answer: Yes, NFC is on board, BUT it supports only Apple Pay. If you need Read/Write NFC tags - forget about Apple production and use something else. .

Last week, Chinese repair firm GeekBar shared a claimed schematic for the iPhone 6 showing what was claimed to be the pinning diagram for the device's rumored near field communications (NFC) chip. The part addressed on the schematic, PN65V, was thought to be a version of NXP's PN65 NFC package ...

Apple says opening up iPhone NFC would ‘fundamentally diminish’ security as ... to the NFC radio and create alternate contactless payment systems on top of the ...

Here's Why Your iPhone Will Never Have NFC. ... Apple's iPhone 4S was the first dual mode iPhone. ... all iOS Apps Must Support iPhone X Super Retina Display

The iPhone 5S will not. To really fulfill its potential, we're going to need a lot of infrastructure changes, which cost a lot of money. Every subway entry is going to need an update to support NFC. Every point-of-sale device in every store and every ATM is going to need that same update.

Reading NFC Tags with iPhone 6 / iOS 8. ... Update: This rumor, if true, would open up the possibility for the iPhone to practically support NFC tag Discovery mode.

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nfc s primary use in the iphone is for apple pay and allows contactless payments via supported merchants

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iphone 8 and x have a sort of secret weapon in nfc

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jailbreak developer hacks nfc on iphone 6s to talk to nfc devices

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