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The 2010 Baja California earthquake (also known as 2010 Easter earthquake, 2010 Sierra El Mayor earthquake, or 2010 El Mayor – Cucapah earthquake) occurred on April 4 (Easter Sunday) with a moment magnitude of 7.2 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong).The shock originated at 15:40:41 local time (3:40:41 PM PDT) south of Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico.

It’s now way easier to find out if you live in a California earthquake fault zone. The California Geological Survey has published an easy-to-use interactive map online — type in your address or share your location on your smartphone, and, voila, you’ll know if you stand in a fault zone. Or ...

The San Jacinto Fault Zone (SJFZ) is a major strike-slip fault zone that runs through San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial Counties in Southern California.The SJFZ is a component of the larger San Andreas transform system and is considered to be the most seismically active fault zone in the area. Together they relieve the majority of the stress between the Pacific and North ...

Historical Earthquakes & Significant Faults Map in Southern California; Chronological Earthquake Index; Fault Name Index; Credits and Data Sources

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USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

Note well: This seismogram is a simulation. The actual records of earthquake waves are far more complicated than what is presented here. As P and S waves travel through the earth, they are reflected by various layers of the earth (such as the core- mantle boundary).

Availability: Entire US Back to Top . AP (Alquist-Priolo) Fault Zones This report shows you whether or nor a property falls into an Alquist-Priolo Fault Zone. AP Fault Zones are designated by the California Department of Mines & Geology as areas near active faults.

Why do we get earthquakes on Vancouver Island? Check out this diagram and information on

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California Geological Survey Probabilistic Seismic Hazards Map

picture image map of the california psha map from 1996

Little Known Seismic Zone Could Spell Trouble For Upper South Al

the new madrid seismic zone in the middle of the u s could experience a large quake sometime soon usgs

What Happened To Seismic Zones

Seismic Shaking Hazard Assessment

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Will A Catastrophic Earthquake Strike The U S Time


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